Saturday, July 12, 2008

Interview With Professor Red

Tim Bob: Thanks for taking the time to be with us today, Professor Red.

Prof Red: It's my pleasure, Tim Bob; I'm always happy to talk about my blog.

Tim Bob: First off, I want to say, congratulations on what has - so far - been a very successful comedic effort.

Prof Red: Well, I have to say, I think people are way too uptight about politics. Having a little bit of levity thrown in really makes a difference.

Tim Bob: Levity. And that's what you provide.

Prof Red: That's right. Over at my new blog Truth First Now, I provide some very sneaky, very subtle jokes to get people laughing about politics instead of getting stressed about them.

Tim Bob: Let's talk for just a moment about your new post there. The Obama interview.

Prof Red: Oh, yes. That's a fun one. I had a lot of fun putting that together.

Tim Bob: Now, on my first read-through, I didn't really see any of the humor that's often present in your postings. Would you like to comment on that?

Prof Red: Well, I tried to be really subtle with this one; I wanted to give the sense that I actually was interviewing Obama. I think I succeeded pretty well with that, too.

Tim Bob: But somewhere there must be a clue that the whole thing is a prank?

Prof Red: Oh yes! It's in my question about Hurricane Katrina. Anyone who is paying attention, and knows my sense of humor, knows that this is not the sort of question I ask!

Tim Bob: Oh, of course! I see it now! You never talk about Katrina without accusing the evil white man of causing the hurricane!

Prof Red: That's right, Tim Bob! That question was totally out of character for my "Professor Red" persona! There were no conspiracy theories, no psychotic paranoias, and no racist stereotypes. That should be the only clue you need that it wasn't a real interview between me and Senator Obama!

Tim Bob: Well, Professor Red, it's been a pleasure talking with you again about your blog. Perhaps we can do this again sometime!

Prof Red: I hope we can. And by the way, thanks for maintaining this sister-blog for me. It's great to have someone who will take the time to explain all the little jokes I'm telling!

Tim Bob: It's my pleasure! And thank you for all the laughs!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Professor Red's Reparations

The humor of Red's most recent post about reparations is funny on two levels, and I'll try to address both of them.

First, of course, there's the humor innate in the situation of a white boy from South Carolina (whose great-granddaddy undoubtedly owned many slaves) pretending to be a black man in order to demand reparations from himself for the crimes of his forebears.

Very funny, Red, and I commend you for that joke.

Then, of course, there's the humor for those who don't realize that Professor Red is actually a redneck from down South. It's the humor for those who think he really is a black man. Since Africans were the worst offenders when it came to kidnapping people of their own race and selling them to Europeans and (eventually) Americans, Red is still demanding reparations from himself for his forebear's misdeeds!

Again, Red, no matter which way you look at it...

Very funny. I hope you've got the money to pay for the reparations you're asking for!