Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let's All Barrack Obama!

I'm sure you noticed the post about "how were you inspired by Barrack Obama?" Of course, it doesn't appear that there's any joke in this, but even in this very very short post, There's a wing dang fang doozle of a joke.

Are you ready for this?

Didn't you notice that Professor Red, an 'advisor' to Obama, doesn't even know how to spell his advisee's name? That's right! He spelled it: BARRACK!

And what does BARRACK mean?

It's a VERB which means "to jeer at a player"


The Overriding Joke - Spoiler Warning!

This post contains spoilers for some of the humor on Red's blog, so if you like reading without having the jokes spoiled, go straight to the other blog first - you can read this later.

Even though people continually congratulate Red on his humor, there's one joke that NONE of them seem to have figured out.

Every single one of his Obama posts talks about NOTHING but his race...

In other words, though it seems like he's actually SUPPORTING Obama, what he's REALLY saying is:

"There's only ONE reason why anyone would vote for Obama...the COLOR OF HIS SKIN!!!"

See how subtle and funny that is? Not even the faithful readers have picked up on that joke!